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    On, On UofK! @ukfootball beats the Gamecocks, improves to 4-1. #ChangeTheGame #WeAreUK #whynot #Repost @repostapp —- Go Cats! Beat the Gamecocks! #BBN #WeAreUK #kentucky (at Commonwealth Stadium)

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    We’re loving the weather this week, helps remind us just how beautiful campus is! #Repost from @trustfaulls with @repostapp —- My walks to class are sublime.
    #uk #universityofkentucky #BBN #lexington #campus #college #autumn

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    What a great looking group of new Wildcats! #KWeek14 #Repost from @tbird501 with @repostapp —- Our “ussie” with half of the first year students! #kweek14 @universityofky @k_week

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  7. Kentucky “Road Trip Day”



    Governor Steven L. Beshear has proclaimed August 2nd “Road Trip Day” in Kentucky! Get Out Saturday and Explore Kentucky’s backroads!



    The University of Kentucky is set in some of the most beautiful country in the world. Go check it out!

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    Loving the view from this study room in Woodland Glen I! (at Woodland Glen I)

  10. Kentucky horse country, Lexington While the region’s famed bluegrass isn’t exactly blue, it still makes for unforgettable scenery, Harrington says. “In spring it’s very green and you contrast that with the horses in the fields, and the fence lines going hill and dale. It’s beautiful country and (has) such a deep heritage.” The limestone-rich soil is said to be responsible for the distinctive taste of Kentucky bourbon and for the speed and strength of its thoroughbred racehorses. You can see farms by driving country roads outside the city. Guided tours are also available. (via 10 best bucket-list U.S. monuments and landmarks)

  11. Though founded in England, the Shaker faith left an indelible mark on American culture - from Aaron Copland orchestral suites to an enduring design aesthetic. Known for their simple lifestyle but doomed by their aversion to procreation, the Shakers peaked in the 19th century. In Harrodsburg, Kentucky, however it is still possible to experience “a retreat into a slower, more reflective way of life”, says Patricia Schultz, author of 1,000 Things to See Before You Die. There you’ll find the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, “one of the few restored Shaker communities where you can stay overnight”, she says. The Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill provides a glimpse into this part of American history, as well as a lot of lovely scenery - rolling hills, horse farms, stone fences and 3,000 acres (1,214 Ha) of beautiful countryside. (via BBC News - Five hidden US travel destinations)

  12. Tortilleria y Taqueria Ramirez is a hole in the wall: no frills, a couple of TVs projecting Univision telenovelas and news, orange tables and benches strewn around the tiled room. The tiny grocery sells homemade tortillas and other Mexican food stuffs, while a small counter and side kitchen turn out meals to a Spanish-speaking workforce. It’s located on the edge of Cardinal Valley, a neighborhood in northwestern Lexington that’s become a hub for Hispanics. (via Some Restaurants in the South Stretch the Definition of Burrito | FiveThirtyEight)

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    i think its pronounced loserville

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  14. Darryl Isaacs - Deebo Insurance 6 (by Darryl Isaacs)